Friday, December 5, 2008

PIF Holiday Promotion

In honor of the holiday's and spreading the holiday cheer. The Eco Friendly Etsy Team has organized a PIF (pay it forward) promotion on Etsy.

All items will be tagged (searchable): PIF, EF_love, and of course Team_EcoNest

Pay It Forward listings are $0.20 cost to the buyer (shipping may be extra) to cover the cost to make the listing. The idea behind PIF is to give something back, or to spread some love... and in turn all we ask is that you do something nice for someone else, maybe something a little out of your way... bus fair to the woman on the street, letting someone have that parking spot, holding the door for that woman with twins, etc. (you get the idea).

So lets spread some Holiday Cheer! I'll be trying to "feature" at least one shop every couple of days to let you know what items are available (these tend to go fast so if you want something, definitely jump on it before its gone).

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