Sunday, September 14, 2008

How do I join?

It seems to be a fairly common question lately. And honestly, it has a simple answer. If you wish to join the Blog, which of course includes our Google Group and our Etsy Team (its a group package) just apply for membership to the Google Group! It's that easy...

There are a few requirements for entrance though:

* You must be a frequent and active member (3 months minimum) of the Eco Friendly Family board on the Nest. 
Link: The Bump Forum

* You must have an active Etsy Seller account and "acceptable" product (no "adult" content please)

All applications to the group are reviewed by the entire group for one week before a decision is made. If your initial application is not accepted, please feel free to apply again in a month or so. It's nothing personal (I promise). We are just trying to keep our group small and include only those that are actual active members of the EFF board and also happen to have a cyber-store.

If your application is accepted, you are automatically granted access to the Google Group, a waiting period of 14 days (2 weeks) is requested before allowing acceptance into the Etsy Team, allowance to contribute to the Blog and access to any and all group accounts.

And I almost forgot to add the link to the Google Group!

*rules, guidelines and entrance requirements are subject to 'Team" approval and may change at any time without notification or prior announcement.

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