Sunday, January 31, 2010

Could it be?! OBV Milk Maids?!

Oh, yes.  Yes, indeed. 

I'm launching my brand new line of luxurious OBV Milk Maids Nursing Pads tomorrow.    You're going to love them -- they're soooo soft! 

Standard Milk Maids nursing pads and the ever-popular FooFoo Hemp cloth diaper inserts will also be available.  Stop by the EcoNest Congo at noon (Eastern) and pick some up!


1 comment:

  1. WOW!, so my wife asked me to pick some of these nursing pads up, and she told me they would be available at 12. So I go online at 11:30 and create an account, I get my paypal ready, I select my order, and wait. Not realizing that I had to reload the page after noon, not just wait until the time, I press the order button in futility until about 12:00:10. When I DO reload the page, there are 3 pads left, but by the time I get them in my cart, they are gone. Sold Out in less than 30 seconds. You guys are good; but I will be better next time.

    Thanks for making a great product.