Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bios Part 1 Ashley - Smashedflea - Bugabear

My name is Ashley, but most of you know me as smashedflea. In a few words, I am a wife, mom, and a soccer coach. I love working with little ones (2.5 – 4 is my favorite) and get the chance to work with children at church.

I have been happily married for five years, although my dh and I have been together for 7 years. We met in the University of Arkansas band in 2001. Our actual first date, and what we consider our officially together date is September 11, 2001 . I have a degree in journalism, and on that day, I was awoken by a phone call that began my crazy, emotional day. I spent the day interviewing students, and putting together stories about the day most of us will never forget. That evening, I met up with David, whom I already had plans with. We drove to a site overlooking our college town and sat there talking for hours. Right then I knew I was with a very special person if he could make me feel so much better after such an emotional day. Less than two years later we were married.

About a month before our 1 year anniversary, I found out I was pregnant with Sydney, whom most of you know as toddlerflea. She keeps me on my toes and is very energentic. Everyday she surprises me with the things she thinks up. Her imagination is huge, but her heart is even bigger. She is definitely a people person, but loves to butt heads with her Mama. My dad just sits back and laughs when I get frustrated with her because he says he has already raised that child once. In April, we added babyflea to the mix, otherwise known as Elle (pronounced like the letter “L”). She is definitely my angel baby and loves her big sister. I love watching them play together and think it is amazing to see how close they are after only four months.

We live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas and hope to never leave the area. Before staying at home with my babies, I worked as a graphic designer for The National Center of Appropriate Technology where I was surrounded by hippies. Jeans and Birkenstocks were the standard dress at work, and I began learning about organics and a more simple lifestyle. By the time I left, many of their principles had touched me, and are three years later, an important part of who I am. David likes to say I’m a hippy, but I prefer the term “Yippy” which I think more accurately describes our generation. I drive a CRV , not a hybrid and I love my modern conveniences, but I am always striving to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I want to leave things better than I found them, and want my children to have a wonderful world to enjoy.

My store, BugaBear Designs, is named after my girls who we call Bear and Ladybug. My mom taught me to sew in high school, and I finally got my own machine (and gave my mom’s back) two years ago. I really began sewing as an adult because I couldn’t find the things I wanted in the right colors or price. I’m bad about seeing something and thinking, “I can do that!” So, my fabric stash grows.

I sew at night when my girls are in bed and I’ve finished cleaning, helping David grade papers, and getting ready for the next day. I love what I do and hope to add more things soon. I hope this has helped you get to know me a little better!


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