Friday, September 19, 2008

Bios Part 6- Designs By Grace

Hello! My name is Rita- RetiePete616 on the nest and Designs By Grace on etsy. I live in West Virginia and love it here! I was born and raised here and stayed for college. I went to WVU and received my Regents BA (which is like a general studies). I may go back for a more specific MA, but I haven’t decided yet. Currently I am a Recreation Assistant at a local nursing home.

My husband and I met on a blind date when we were in college and got married on our 4 year anniversary. We will have been married for two years in November. We are currently TTC and talking about adoption. I really look forward to buying all of your ladies adorable cloth diapers and goodies.

We try really hard to be as eco-friendly as we can by doing the typical reduce, reuse, recycle. We also use as many chemical free products as we can. I make my own household cleaners and detergents and use natural beauty care products. We are working on the food issue; this one is harder for us.

As for my etsy shop: I joined a little over 2 years ago and love it. People are always curious where I got the name Grace instead of using my own name, so I will share: my mom has always called me Grace b/c I am probably one of the least graceful people ever and she thought it was funny. So, I used that. I have always been creative, and I enjoy making lots of different crafts, but jewelry is my favorite. It started with my friends and family asking me to make them jewelry and it grew from there.

I’m not sure how eco-friendly jewelry making can be since I use a lot of plastic beads, but I do what I can. I use shredded paper for packing and I love to take apart old jewelry and reuse the beads.

So check me out!

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