Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bios Part 4 - Shannon - mommyme - Pampered Peony

My name is Shannon or mommyme. I am a newly single, attachment parenting, mom to the most fabulous son ever! Amza is 20 months old but often thinks he's 15! I love to cook, read, spend time with Amza and my fabulous friends. I have the bad habit of leaving my shoes all over the house, which Amza now puts away in my closet for me!

I am a perpetual doctoral candidate in social psychology. Basically this means I have my MA in psych and have not finished my PhD. Being a student for so long and now a single mom I have learned how to get the things I like for within my budget, including making my own bath products. I have long been a fan of natural medicines and bath products. Recently I've been making my own home based cleaners as well.

I consider myself to be "Subaru Crunchy." I cloth diaper, breast fed for 1 yr, baby/toddler wear, advocate natural medicines, cleaners, & beauty products, recycle, and buy local, natural, and organic food when I can. At the same time I love Gymboree, Ann Taylor Loft, regular deodorant, my suv, and other less green convinces.

My etsy shop, Pampered Peony, provides all natural bath products. The goal is to give yourself that pampered spa feeling at home in your own bathroom. When you can only sneak away for 30min you should make it count! I'm currently having a 10% off sale in my shop until the end of September to celebrate my birthday.

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