Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CrunchyClean - 136 load VALUE bag on hyena cart! NEW!

CrunchyClean has a few new products -
Ecofriendly LINEN spray that has received excellent feedback.

*Spray on anything you want to be scented in your house, but be sure to test fabric for color-safeness before (Spray a teeny bit on an inconspicuous corner!)

*Treat your bedclothes and pillow to a spray before retiring for some yummy CC sleep!

*Perfect for upholstery, carpets, draperies

*Also perfect for spraying on your clothing before ironing

And also - a 136 load value bag of detergent.
At this sale price, that is 9.4 cents/load as opposed to commercial detergents that are friendly to the environment at more then 35 cents/load!

We also have a new nestie discount code that we're offering at www.CrunchyClean.com - NestieLove for 5% off :)

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