Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bios part 7 - CityHippie

Hi! My name is Christine, otherwise known as speedracer. I live near Phoenix, AZ now but I am mostly a native southern Californian. Mostly = Navy brat. I went to a tiny private university in northern Indiana where I got my now-husband and my BS degrees in Biology & Chemistry. Yes I am a nerd. I graduated in 2002 and we got married in June of 2005. Our son Elliott (ET) was born January 14, 2008.

Up until last month I was doing tuberculosis and other infectious disease research but I lost my job when funding ran out. For now I'm trying to get the hang of this SAHM thing.

I got fairly green when I was pregnant with my kidlet. In my opinion, the best thing about going green is that it can be a work in progress and no matter how slow or little we make change in our lives, it's still a positive move.

I started my Etsy store after learning how to make my own wool diaper soakers. Wool intrigued me but the brand-name local store options were pretty pricey. I liked the idea of being able to recycle beautiful, high-quality natural fibers and share the results for an affordable price. And let's face it - who else is going to put sweaters in Phoenix to good use? I also recently become licensed to sew KCK One diapers but have not stocked my store because I broke my driving/sewing foot. I have long-admired the beautiful handicrafts on Etsy and hopefully soon I will have my first sale.

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